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It's a wrap on 'Peppermint'

We have now finished the 5 day shoot for the short film 'Peppermint' directed by Stephan Drury. Massive thanks to everyone who was in the crew!!! We have now couple of months of post production ahead of us and aiming to send the finished film to various film festivals. We were very lucky to have found 3 very talented actors to play the main roles - Mark Jackson (lead), Alex Aires and Jacob James Beswick, who all did a brilliant job. Look out for the behind the scenes photos that are going to be up soon. 

The House Cafe and Kamilla Lowett

September 18, 2011
I will be making a music video for a very talented young singer/songwriter Kamilla Lowett, went to see her live last night at The House Cafe in Norwich - she was amazing. Love her unique voice, looks and style. It's always very exciting to plan and make music videos for artists you really really believe in, especially at the start of their career. Check her out on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kamilla-Lovett and on  http://soundcloud.com/kamillalovett/kamilla-lovett-thats-nice-dear

Music video for her will be filmed in couple of weeks and will be filmed around Norfolk. 

Keep that name in mind - Kamilla Lowett ! You'll hear it more very soon everywhere! 


My first music video filmed in Estonia is going viral on Facebook

September 3, 2011
I have had a the pleasure to work with a great vocal a cappella group Greip in Estonia where we filmed a music video for them in June around various beautiful nature places. The song is called Vihma Loits which in translation means Chanting for Rain. The video features all the 5 members of Greip and a young 15 year old actress Triin Veli who also happens to be my cousin. 
 The video has done very well in it's first week of being public on the internet -  Vimeo, Youtube and biggest success of a...
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'Why' music video for Jno-B in productions

May 24, 2011
Filming in progress for Jno-B's first music video for his single 'Why' featuring Arkaic,
2 Days of filming already in the bag and 1 more to go. Video features many dancers, actors, different locations.

Check out Jno-B myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/itsjnobtime

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My Typa Girl out on Youtube

May 22, 2011
New music video My Typa Girl directed by Teele Killing is out on Youtube and on Vimeo. 
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Nicotine Love reached over 2000 views in less then a week

December 5, 2010
The new music video for Interim Recordz' artist Coll reached more then 2000 views in less then a week. The track features singer Danny Peril from London. Music video was filmed in various locations around Norwich and in California (a little village by the sea on the Norfolk coast :) Thanks for everyone who has looked at the video and left comments! 


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Teele Killing Youtube channel

December 5, 2010
You can find examples of my work on my new Youtube Channel - www.youtube.com/teelekilling 
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